The Best Time To Visit Tuscany
Jun 6, 2024

The Best Time To Visit Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most popular regions in Italy. Famous for its wine, its beautiful hilltop towns and the Renaissance city of Florence, it’s a travel destination with plenty of things to see and do, no matter what you enjoy when you’re visiting somewhere new.

Things are happening all year round in Tuscany, from food festivals to cultural attractions and sporting events, which means that every month of the year has something to offer. If you’re thinking about a holiday to Tuscany you’re likely considering when the best time to visit the region is, so we’ve put together a guide to the weather, events and best things to do taking place throughout the year. Read on to find out when the best time to visit Tuscany is for you.

When is the Best Time to Visit Tuscany?

There are distinct seasons when it comes to the weather in Tuscany, which means the best time to visit the region will depend on the conditions you enjoy and the kind of activities you have planned.

Summer is the most popular time of year in the region, as when it comes to the Tuscany weather by month, you’ll find the hottest and driest conditions between June and August. This is ideal if you want to spend time on the beach or have booked a luxury villa with a pool in the hills, but be aware that peak-season prices and crowds might impact your visit.

Many people consider the shoulder season to be the best time to go to Tuscany, with months like April, May and September offering mild and pleasant weather without all the busyness of the summer. Foodie holidays to Tuscany are better planned in September or October when local festivals take place and the region’s best dishes are better enjoyed in a cooler climate. If you want to spend your time in Tuscany outdoors, April and May will be mild enough to enjoy being outside without getting too hot.

Tuscany in January

January falls right in the middle of the low season for tourism in Tuscany, with limited tourist activity across even the most popular cities. Epiphany is celebrated as a national holiday across the country at the start of the month, and Florence is the place to be if you want to see the Cavalcata dei Magi.

Average high temperatures can reach 11°C in Tuscany in January but average lows hover around 3°C, so it’s not a particularly warm month in the region. Snow is common in the hills and mountains towards the end of the month, and it’s generally considered to be one of the coldest times of the year.

Tuscany in February

If you’re looking for somewhere quiet and romantic to visit for Valentine’s Day then Tuscany is a great option. The region is still relatively quiet in the second month of the year, so it’s a great time to enjoy the best deals on Tuscan villas.

A highlight in the region’s calendar is Carnevale di Viareggio, where the seaside town of Viareggio hosts an exciting array of events and parades each weekend. Average high temperatures are still only around 13°C, so wrap up warm and head out to enjoy the festivities.

Tuscany in March

March sees the beginning of Tuscany in spring, with the weather fluctuating between rain, weak sunshine and clouds. It’s quite a quiet month in the region, so if you’re planning a Tuscan holiday and want to visit in the off-season then this is an ideal time to come and enjoy warmer weather than in the winter.

The average high temperature in Tuscany in March is 16°C, so whilst it’s not quite warm enough to want to spend a day on the beach yet, it’s definitely milder than at the start of the year. If you want to enjoy some sightseeing in Florence, Pisa and Lucca, it’s a brilliant time to visit Tuscany.

Tuscany in April

April is the start of the shoulder season for tourism in Tuscany, with many travellers coming to the region during the Easter holiday. Holy Week and Easter weekend are celebrated with church services and fireworks, and it’ll be quite busy in the larger towns and cities over these days.

The rest of the month, Tuscany in April is peaceful and mild. The weather is starting to warm up with average high temperatures of 19°C, and rain isn’t too frequent, so it’s an ideal time to be outdoors. 

Tuscany in May

May is considered the best time to go to Tuscany if you want to see the region when it’s sunny but aren’t a fan of the high temperatures of the summer months. Popular towns and cities might start to get busier as the month progresses, but it’s still relatively quiet and therefore ideal if you’re looking for a more authentic experience or want to fit in as much sightseeing as possible.

If your main motivation for visiting Tuscany is the wine then May is also a great month because it’s when the Mostra del Chianti is held. This exhibition of the famous Chianti wine is held in Montespertoli and features a whole host of events that focus on this popular and delicious variety. Expect talks from experts, local food and plenty of guided tasting sessions.

Tuscany in June

June marks the start of summer in Tuscany, and with it the beginning of the high season for tourism in the region. Plenty of travellers come to Italy in the summer to make the most of the hot and sunny weather, and the coastal towns in Tuscany will be particularly busy from now over the next few months.

Temperatures in Tuscany in June can reach 27°C, so you’ll definitely want to pack your summer wardrobe if you’re planning a trip. It’s not quite as hot as the later months of the season however, so it’s a great time to visit if you’re not a big fan of the heat.

A range of events take place in Tuscany in June, including Corpus Christi and Calcio Storico in Florence, and the Gioco del Ponte in Pisa. Of course, if you’d just like to spend your break on the beach, then June is also a lovely month to do just that.

Tuscany in July

It’s hot and sunny in Tuscany in July with minimal chances of rain, making this a wonderful time of year to visit if you want to spend lots of time outdoors. Towns and villages along the coast will be busy with tourists and popular attractions will be crowded towards the end of the month, but it’s also a time when the Tuscany climate is at its best!

With average high temperatures of 30°C and lows of only 18°C, it’s a beautiful time of year to discover the famous rolling hills of the region and all of its beautiful towns. There’ll be more of a breeze on the coast as well, but expect the beaches in Tuscany to be quite busy during the summer months.

The peak in tourism means that there’s plenty going on in Tuscany in July, with a highlight being the Palio di Siena, one of Italy’s most famous horse races. If you’re looking for a classy way to spend your evening then the Jazz & Wine Festival in Montalcino is worth attending, whilst the open-air Puccini Festival is a lovely celebration of music in Lucca.

Tuscany in August

The best time to visit Tuscany for high temperatures is August, where you’ll find plenty of bright sunshine and days of 32°C heat. There are plenty of travellers in the famous cities in August as they explore the region on the summer holidays, but if you’d rather live like a local then head to the beaches or the mountains for a more relaxed atmosphere.

If you’re visiting Tuscany in August then you’ll likely want to spend most of your time out and about, whether that’s sightseeing, visiting wineries or just relaxing in a villa in the hills. A key event of the month is the second iteration of the Palio di Siena, Italy’s best-known horse race which takes place in Siena.

Tuscany in September

If you’re seeking summer weather without the summer levels of tourism then September is the best time of year to visit Tuscany. The weather is still dry and sunny with highs of 27°C, but as the month progresses the school holidays have ended and the number of visitors declines to a much more peaceful amount.

If you visit Tuscany in September towards the end of the month, you’ll also coincide your visit with the end of the harvest season, which makes it one of the best times of the year for wine tours in the region. You won’t get to sample any of the freshly picked varieties, but you will get to watch Tuscnay’s winemakers in action as they start to process and prepare the grapes, which offers fascinating insight into the region’s most famous offering.

Tuscany in October 

If beautiful scenery and wine sound like your ideal Tuscan holiday then October is the best month to visit. It’s around 22°C during the day, dropping to 11°C in the evenings, which is a nice and mild temperature for days spent sightseeing or hiking through the hills between picturesque towns.

Wine tours in Tuscany in October will show you what happens to all the fruit that has just been harvested at the end of the summer, but it’s also a good time of the month to enjoy the region’s gastronomic offering. There are food festivals in both Montalcino and Certaldo, called the Boccaccesca Festival, where you can sample seasonal ingredients and more of the famous varieties of Tuscan wine.

Tuscany in November

As winter approaches, tourism starts to wind down in Tuscany in November. If you’re most interested in the food and drink on offer around the region then this is a great time to visit, as the cooler temperatures are perfect for enjoying hearty meals and rich, delicious flavours.

It only gets to around 16°C in November in Tuscany and you’ll likely see some rain during your visit, so it’s a good time to plan indoor activities like museums, art galleries and restaurant trips. A highlight in the region’s calendar is the White Truffle Festival in historic San Miniato, which celebrates this famous ingredient found in this part of Italy.

Tuscany in December

December is part of the low season for tourism in Tuscany, but if you’re looking for a peaceful festive break then it’s a wonderful time to visit. Enjoy strolling around the tourist attractions without many other visitors and make the most of the restaurants and trattorias serving warming winter dishes.

There’s a large Christmas market in Florence in December which is definitely worth a visit, although you might wonder why it feels like you’ve visited Germany instead of Italy when you investigate the food and drink on offer. Christmas Day is a quiet and family-based holiday in the region, and you’ll want to make sure you pick up a traditional Panettone to take home!


Whether you’re spending time on the beach, exploring the iconic hills or enjoying the cultural offerings of cities like Florence, Pisa and Siena, Tuscany is a wonderful place to visit on holiday. The peak season is perfect for sun lovers, the shoulder season has great conditions for spending time outdoors, and the low season is the ideal time of year to go and enjoy the flavours and ingredients that this Italian destination is famous for.

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