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Located in the beautiful Ionian Sea is the island of Corfu. It has been a favoured destination in Greece for many years and continues to attract tourists today. With pristine beaches, plenty of activities and something for the whole family, it comes as no surprise why.

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    Beaches in Corfu

    Corfu has the perfect mix of beaches. From long stretches of sand to pebble shores, there is something for everyone on the island. Whether you’re seeking a secluded cove to unwind in a tranquil setting, or somewhere with a lively atmosphere, you’re sure to find it in Corfu. 

    There are also some excellent Blue Flag beaches across the island, these provide the perfect place to spend the day with the whole family, knowing that the area is clean and safe for little ones. Issos and Kontogialos are a couple of the favoured Blue Flag beaches here, a great place to enjoy a day by the sea in Corfu. 

    For somewhere a little quieter, head to Agni, Myrtiotissa or Porto Timoni. These are some of the more secluded beaches on the island, perfect for those seeking a little tranquillity whilst visiting the coast in Corfu. If you’re pursuing beautiful sandy shores and pristine waters, Agios Gordios, Sidari and Glyfada are great options. 

    There are many more beaches scattered throughout Corfu worth exploring, each of which has something unique to offer. No matter what kind of seaside break you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in this magnificent part of Greece. 

    Activities in Corfu

    With so much to do in Corfu, it is the ideal destination for a range of breaks. From pretty towns to wander, to lovely beaches to relax, there is something for all on this stunning Greek Island. 

    Be sure to spend some time wandering around the Old Town in Corfu. This is a great way to learn more about the history and heritage of the island, alongside the opportunity to visit one of Corfu’s UNESCO World Heritage sites. Here you will find picturesque streets, intriguing architecture and much more, providing the perfect way to spend your time. 

    For those looking to spend some time relaxing in Corfu, there are some great boat excursions to enjoy from the island. This allows visitors to sit back and enjoy the magnificent coastal views, all from the comfort of one of the lavish boats. 

    If you desire exploration and adventure when on the island, visiting one of the many hiking trails in Corfu is a great way to spend your time here. Wander through the attractive landscapes and take in the breathtaking scenery as you immerse yourself in all that this outstanding part of Greece has to offer. 

    There are many more activities in Corfu to choose from. This is just one of the reasons why the island makes for a perfect getaway for families and couples alike. 

    Eating and Drinking in Corfu

    Tourists often visit Greece to enjoy a change of environment and culture. With this comes the opportunity to try different cuisine and indulge in fine dining experiences. Luckily enough, there are plenty of excellent places to enjoy food and drink in Corfu. 

    From traditional Greek cuisine to fresh seafood and local specialities, there is something for everyone when dining in Corfu. Whether you’re travelling here with your partner or the whole family, you will find eateries across the island to suit a range of tastes. 

    Enjoy some time in traditional tavernas and cafés for a bite to eat, or immerse yourself in the romantic beach bars whilst watching the sunset. However, if you decide to dine out in Corfu, you’re sure to be impressed when enjoying the variety of dishes on offer. 

    Nightlife in Corfu

    The island of Corfu caters to a range of lifestyles, so you won’t be disappointed when seeking an evening out here. There are several bars, clubs, and beach parties to enjoy, all of which provide a vibrant atmosphere. 

    If you plan to spend your time partying through the night, a trip to Corfu Town will do the trick. Here you will find many lively clubs and bars, many of which stay open late. These spots play a variety of music and provide the perfect atmosphere for those looking to dance the night away. 

    You will also find several intimate venues across the island, the perfect place to enjoy a few drinks and a romantic evening in Corfu. For those seeking a truly serene experience, partake in a boat trip out to sea where you can make the most of the coastal vistas, alongside a bottle of champagne. 

    When to Go to Corfu 

    Corfu is an excellent island to visit throughout the year. When you decide to go here ultimately depends on how you want to spend your getaway. With various activities and tourist attractions only open during certain seasons, it’s important to plan your trip accordingly. 

    Summer is often the busiest time to visit Corfu, as the warmer weather and range of things to do attract plenty of tourists. Visiting here anytime between June and August is considered the peak season. This is when the days are hot and evenings are balmy, plus with all the restaurants, hotels, and bars open across the island, it is the perfect time to fully immerse yourself in all that Greece has to offer. 

    The shoulder seasons are much quieter and great for those seeking lovely weather, comfortable temperatures and still lots to do. If you want to visit Corfu during this time, you will need to go between April and May or September and October. There are fewer crowds, yet the island still displays lovely blue skies and plenty of sunshine. 

    Winter shows a much quieter side to Corfu, as temperatures drop and many of the favoured tourist spots close for the season. However, it could be the ideal time to visit for those seeking a secluded getaway and a moment to sit back and relax. 

    Each of these seasons has something unique to offer for a range of tourists. This makes Corfu an excellent holiday destination all year round. No matter when you decide to go here, you’ll find an island brimming with beautiful scenery, intriguing history, mouth-watering eateries and much more – ideal for a variety of travellers.