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Crete is an ideal holiday destination with its diverse terrains, sandy beaches, rich culture and history, quaint towns and villages, and much more. There is something in this beautiful part of Greece for all, making it excellent for a family break or romantic getaway! 

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    Beaches in Crete

    You will find beaches in abundance when visiting Crete, which is just one of the reasons why so many go here for a summer break. Being the largest of the Greek Islands, you will discover a diverse range of sandy shores. Whether you’re seeking a family day by the sea, or a peaceful cove to relax and unwind, there is something for all in Crete. 

    With a great selection, you can spend your days on rocky shores, sandy coasts, secluded bays, family-friendly spots and adventure beaches with vibrant atmospheres and plenty of activities. No matter where you decide to go, Crete will impress you with its magnificent coastline. 

    One of the most prevalent beaches in Crete is Elafonissi. It is just 2 hours from the popular town of Chania, an excellent option for those staying here. Here you will find exquisite white and pink sands with turquoise waters and stunning encompassing scenery. Elafonissi provides the perfect place to truly sit back and relax whilst soaking up this heavenly setting.

    Another frequented shore is Balos Beach, which can be accessed by boat from Kissamos port. Situated on the northwestern peninsula of Crete, Balos allows guests to experience a picture postcard setting, all whilst soaking up the warm sun and calming atmosphere. With tranquil waters and plenty of space to relax, a trip to Balos is a must when visiting Crete.  

    Falasarna, Voulisma, Plakias and Agios Nikolaos are also frequented beaches in Crete. Here you will find plenty of watersports and activities to enjoy, alongside quieter spots to cater to a range of holiday itineraries. We recommend checking out our beachside villas in Crete, that way you can stay right by the sea during your whole visit.

    Activities in Crete

    Due to the island’s popularity among families and couples alike, there are plenty of things to do and see in Crete. From watersport activities on the beaches to historical sites throughout the towns and villages, plus an abundance of hiking and biking trails, you will find something here for all. 

    Outdoor enthusiasts will love spending some time in nature or exploring Crete’s magnificent mountain range. For those looking to sit back and relax, you can uncover plenty of bars and restaurants in the towns around Crete. These allow guests to experience local cuisine and mouth-watering dishes, all while enjoying the authentic Greek atmosphere. 

    For history buffs, you will find a plethora of historical sites and attractions scattered around Crete. From museums to ancient ruins, there is plenty of history to discover across the island. There are also beaches to lounge on, or theme parks and watersports for the whole family. No matter what type of break you’re looking for, activities in Crete cater to everyone.

    Eating and Drinking in Crete

    One of the main draws to Crete is the food. Here you will discover a wide variety of dishes and cuisines to suit a range of tastes. From local specialities to authentic meals, alongside many cafés catering to kids and much more, you won’t be stuck for places to eat when visiting the island. 

    You will also discover a great selection of clubs and beach bars in Crete. Whether you’re hoping to dance and party through the night, or would prefer a few cocktails in a quieter setting, you will find it all here. After you have spent your day soaking up all that the island has to offer, there’s no better place to sit and watch the sunset than in a beach bar in Greece, cocktail in hand. 

    No matter where you choose to visit, Crete has something for everyone in its many resort towns and villages. We recommend browsing our fantastic villa collection in Crete to help narrow down your options and find your next luxury break in Greece. 

    Nightlife in Crete

    The capital of Crete is Heraklion, also known for its vibrant atmosphere and party lifestyle. Here you will find an abundance of bars and clubs, many of which remain open late into the night. Another popular spot is Chania, great for those seeking a few drinks in a much quieter environment. The charming town has a lovely harbour, perfect for anyone looking to grab a drink whilst sitting by the sea. 

    Malia is renowned for its lively atmosphere and late-night parties. With party beaches, and plenty of clubs and bars, this part of Crete mainly attracts a younger crowd looking to stay out until the early hours. For a relaxing evening in a lavish setting, be sure to explore the beautiful town of Agios Nikolaos. Here you will discover some excellent waterfront bars and restaurants, great for those looking to enjoy an evening in Crete in a luxury environment. 

    When to Go to Crete 

    When you decide to visit Crete ultimately depends on what you want to do. The weather can affect several things during your break, so it’s important to know the different seasons so that you can choose the right time for you. 

    Summer is an excellent time to explore Crete as the weather is at its hottest, providing the perfect climate for days by the pool or relaxing on the beach. July and August are the warmest months in summer and are also known for being the busiest. For those seeking a vibrant atmosphere through the many towns and cities in Crete, alongside very hot temperatures, summer is a great time to visit. 

    April, May, September, and October are known as the shoulder seasons in Crete. This is when the island is a little quieter and the weather remains pleasant. If you’d rather escape the oppressive heat and prefer comfortable temperatures, this is the best time to visit Greece. It also allows visitors to explore beaches, towns, and cities with ease as there are far fewer tourists. 

    Anytime from November to March is considered winter in Greece. This is when the temperatures are much cooler and there is a higher chance of rain and wind. Winter is perfect for anyone seeking utter serenity while exploring Crete. The island is generally very quiet and without the hot sunshine, you can stroll along the beaches in peace during your break. 

    No matter when you choose to visit Crete, the island won’t disappoint. Whether you’re seeking a luxurious getaway with the whole family, or somewhere to enjoy a romantic break with your partner, you will find it all when staying on this beautiful island.