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Skiathos is a beautiful Greek island and one of the Sporade’s archipelago. There are more than 60 beaches here, making it the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing getaway. You will also find plenty of sightseeing and historical attractions, great for those looking to learn more about the country. 

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    Beaches in Skiathos

    There are plenty of shores to choose from in Skiathos, meaning there is something for everyone here. With around 60 seasides to explore, you will find everything from family-friendly beaches to quiet, romantic coves. 

    For those looking for somewhere with plenty of space, Banana Beach has a large stretch of sand, paired with beautiful waters in a vibrant setting. Visitors often go here to make the most of the windsurfing and jet skiing activities. 

    Vromolimnos Beach is the perfect place for those seeking a quiet beach to relax. The shore here is smaller, and the beautiful waters and encompassing pine trees make for gorgeous surrounding scenery. This is an excellent choice for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle. 

    You will find many more attractive beaches to explore in Skiathos, all of which have something unique to offer. No matter where you choose, you can enjoy a lovely day relaxing by the coast. 

    Activities in Skiathos

    From historical sights to peaceful beaches and exciting water sports, you will find a plethora of great activities to enjoy in Skiathos. There are hiking trails comprising beautiful landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Historic churches, fascinating monasteries and intriguing museums to explore. Plus many celebrations and festivities to enjoy throughout the year. 

    With so many great ways to spend your time in Skiathos, you’re sure to be impressed when visiting here. No matter what type of break you are looking for, there are lavish activities and exciting attractions to suit a range of itineraries. 

    Eating and Drinking in Skiathos

    Greek cuisine is another reason why so many tourists head to this lovely country each year. With so many quaint towns and villages to explore in Skiathos, there are plenty of places to enjoy a meal out or a few drinks. 

    Visit some of the island’s eateries where you can appreciate traditional Greek dishes, fresh seafood, light bites and snacks, plus much more. Skiathos is also home to some excellent tavernas, providing the ideal place to spend a romantic afternoon tasting some fine wines.

    For families visiting Skiathos, there are some great cafés throughout the island. This provides the perfect place to grab a bite to eat whilst exploring your surroundings with little ones. Whatever your preferences, there is something for a variety of tastes in this beautiful part of Greece.  

    Nightlife in Skiathos

    You will find plenty of places to enjoy a night out in Skiathos, perfect for those looking to dance and party. From beach bars to rooftop terraces and lively clubs, the nightlife here is known for its vibrant atmosphere and great variety. 

    Whether you’d like to enjoy a cocktail whilst watching the sunset from the beach or would prefer to dance to energetic music in the clubs, there is something for everyone in Skiathos. With an excellent range of places to go, an evening here caters to all. 

    When to Go to Skiathos 

    Deciding when to visit Skiathos ultimately depends on what type of break you are looking for. The island is beautiful all year round, however, the weather and tourist attractions change depending on the season. 

    From June to August, tourists head to Skiathos to make the most of the warm weather and vibrant atmosphere. It is usually busy during this time, as many families make the most of the break from school. There is also lots happening in summer, with celebrations and festivities taking place in the towns and villages across the island. 

    The shoulder seasons are from March to May and September to November. The weather remains pleasant, with slightly cooler temperatures in comparison to summer, but still plenty of sunshine and blue skies. Skiathos is often much quieter during this time, providing the perfect opportunity to explore the island without the hustle and bustle of tourist crowds. 

    If you’re seeking a winter getaway, the best time to visit Skiathos is from December to February. This is a great season for those hoping to avoid warm weather and other tourists, making for a peaceful escape. However, you will find that the island is much quieter, with many of the bars, restaurants, and hotels closed for the winter as they rest before the summer period. 

    With so much to see and do across Skiathos, a trip here provides an excellent getaway. So, deciding when to go here ultimately comes down to how you aim to spend your time in this outstanding part of Greece.