Get the best from your visit to Santorini
Jan 25, 2021

Get the best from your visit to Santorini

Santorini is arguably one of Greece is most spectacular islands. It has the most stunning views, beautiful sunsets and picturesque villages.

With villages like Oia and Thira, known for their famous whitewashed houses clinging to the steep of the volcanic edges, and the winding stone pathways where you can explore the towns, there is always plenty to do on a holiday to the islands, so we’ve handpicked some favourites for you to consider on your luxury villa holiday. These tours can be organised by our destination partners.

Santorini Highlights 

This tour takes you on an all-day experience, one you won’t want to miss. The journey discovers the authentic village, where you will learn about the wine heritage of Santorini, the caldera landscape and volcanic beaches. You can enjoy a lunch by the sea, with an escorted guide it makes for a great learn about the island. The tour concludes at Santorini’s most treasured village of Oia where you can enjoy the magnificent sunset.

Boat trip to the Volcano & Hot Springs in Nea Kameni

This is a spectacular way to enjoy stunning views of the coastline as the boat makes its way over to the island. As you dock you can take a walk up to the top of the island and enjoy learning about the island’s history, you may even see some fumes and magma, as it is still active. Finish the day by slipping into the hot springs, relax and rejuvenate before making your way back.


At Perivolos beach, south of the island you can hire a paddleboard and whether you are a beginner or a paddle pro it’s a great way to look at the stunning views from the water to the beach and coastline, whilst having fun. You are able to go at your own leisure, and it’s a great way of doing some exercise whilst you are away, means you can have that extra glass of wine later.

Cooking Classes

Immerse yourself in the Santoranian way of life by joining a local cooking class, learn how to cook traditional Greek dishes, meet the chef and begin your journey through many Mediterranean delights, learning all the secret tips on how to really bring out the flavours to those traditionally loved dishes, and take home a certificate at the end of the class as a souvenir.

Sunset Oia Sailing Tour with BBQ

Experience an evening sailing tour to see the sunset reflect off the white buildings of Oia. This Santorini sunset cruise generally includes a barbecue of fresh Greek food served with locally produced wine. You will visit the Akrotiri Lighthouse and the caldera, with swim stops at the hot springs and white and red sand beaches. You will be amazed by the vivid colors from the sun setting reflecting from Oia off the deep, dark Aegean Sea making it a truly unforgettable evening.

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