10 of the Most Luxurious Caribbean Islands
Sep 7, 2023

10 of the Most Luxurious Caribbean Islands

For those seeking some of the finer things in life, there’s no better place than the plethora of luxury Caribbean Islands. Let us whisk you away on an adventure brimming with white sandy beaches, exclusive resorts, mouth-watering eateries and much more. Get ready to learn more about these opulent destinations, alongside some of our top tips for your stay. 

From the stunning Bahamas to the elegant British Virgin Islands, alongside the tropical St Barths and much more, you will discover a lavish island in the Caribbean for all. Whether you’re looking to soak up the top attractions or simply sit back and relax, we have put together the top 10 luxurious isles so that you can pick the perfect place for your next break. 

Keep reading to learn more about the most affluent Caribbean Islands to visit to help you prepare for your next luxurious trip!

The Best Time to Visit the Caribbean

Before we dive into the most exclusive Caribbean Islands, let’s first explore the different times to stay here. The weather can vary throughout the different isles so it’s important to plan your trip accordingly. Things like the temperature, tourist attractions and more can all be affected by the climate, so we recommend checking out the information below before planning your next break. 

If you’re planning a tranquil getaway, the shoulder seasons are an excellent time to visit the Caribbean. There are fewer tourists around the islands in April, May, October and November, making it perfect for those seeking a quiet trip. The serene ambience allows visitors to explore with ease, all while making the most of the magnificent scenery without the hustle and bustle. 

Winter is also a fantastic time to plan a luxury break in the Caribbean. Unlike the northern hemisphere, the islands transform into a tropical paradise with plenty of sunshine and a gentle sea breeze during this time – perfect for those looking to escape those seasonal blues! With balmy temperatures and lots to see and do, a trip here in the winter months is sure to impress. 

No matter when you decide to visit the Caribbean, a trip here won’t disappoint. It is worth checking out the top attractions and things to do before booking your break, this way you can visit at a time that best suits you. 

The Best Luxury Caribbean Islands to Visit 

Now you know a little more about the best time to visit the Caribbean, we will explore the most luxurious islands to visit. Check out our top recommendations below to help you decide on the perfect destination for your next opulent getaway. 

Musha Cay, Bahamas

There’s no better way to enjoy a luxurious break in the Caribbean than by staying on a private island, and luckily enough Musha Cay in the Bahamas allows you to do just that. With over 700 acres to explore, you will discover a plethora of things to do and see around the island, making it a fantastic spot for the whole family. 

For those planning a group trip to the Caribbean, Musha Cay also provides visitors with 5 exclusive properties allowing enough space for the whole clan. With the entire island to enjoy, you can spend your days here discovering the magnificent surroundings or simply sit back and relax in utter tranquillity. 

There’s no better place to appreciate a true sense of luxury than a trip to Musha Cay. This extravagant island allows visitors to soak up the gorgeous landscapes of the Bahamas, all whilst avoiding the hustle and bustle. 

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Looking for one of the most beautiful islands to visit in the Caribbean? Well, a trip to Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands won’t let you down! The stunning isle is considered to be one of the prettiest in the archipelago, making it ideal for those planning an exuberant break here. 

Here guests can enjoy lots of fine dining, pristine beaches, lavish yacht clubs, great shopping and luxurious villas. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a trip with the whole family, you will discover a plethora of activities around Virgin Gorda. 

Pair the excellent range of things to do with the breathtaking landscapes and you’ll be astounded by all that stunning Virgin Gorda has to offer. 

Canouan, The Grenadines

The Grenadines are undoubtedly some of the most luxurious islands to visit in the Caribbean, perfect for those planning a lavish break here. Canouan in particular is an excellent choice for travellers seeking impressive marine life, excellent watersports, unspoiled landscapes and much more. 

Canouan also has fantastic connections to the other popular islands of Palm Island, Mustique, Bequia and the Tobago Cays, making it perfect for avid explorers. We recommend spending some time at the breathtaking beaches here, providing visitors with a true sense of the paradisical shores these islands offer. 

With some magnificent villas to choose from, you can enjoy a lavish break when staying in Canouan. These properties also provide the perfect place to truly relax and unwind after days of exploring all that the Grenadines have in store.   

Moskito Island, the British Virgin Islands

Located just a few miles by boat from the wonderful Necker Island, is the stunning newly opened sister resort of Moskito Island situated in the British Virgin Archipelago. With around 125 acres to explore, guests get an authentic feel for the Caribbean during their visit. 

You can stay on a private estate when visiting Moskito Island, adding even more luxury to your break. Like Necker,  Moskito is owned by Richard Branson, giving visitors a true sense of opulence when staying here. With tropical beaches to explore, vibrant marine life to encounter, stunning lush landscapes to enjoy and much more, a trip here provides the ultimate taste of grandeur for travellers. 

St. Barths

There’s no way we could write about a luxurious Caribbean holiday without mentioning the favoured St Barths. Just the sheer mention of the island’s name brings a sense of splendour and utter relaxation to mind. It is known as the crown jewel of the Caribbean, perfect for those planning a break brimming with charm, exclusivity and stunning surroundings. 

A trip to St Barth’s allows visitors to explore pristine beaches, shimmering turquoise waters, extravagant villas and much more. The island is also a popular destination among celebrities, adding even more luxury to your stay. Wander pretty boutiques and stop off in many of the fine dining establishments when staying here. Alternatively, sit back whilst soaking up the laid-back atmosphere encompassing the island. 

Jumby Bay Island, Antigua

Another of the magnificent private islands is the impressive Jumby Bay in Antigua. For ultimate exclusivity, a trip here is sure to impress. The isle is just 2 miles from the coast of Antigua, allowing guests to explore other nearby destinations with ease. 

As you wander around Jumby Bay you will encounter plenty of stunning properties with impressive estates, tropical beaches, excellent restaurants and around 300 acres to enjoy. There is something here for all, making it a great destination for those planning a trip with the whole family. 

Jumby Bay is also an excellent place for travellers looking to catch a glimpse of the wonderful wildlife in the Caribbean. Here you can spot tortoises, impressive marine life, pretty coral reefs and much more when making your way around the island.  

Mustique, The Grenadines

For those looking to explore more of the Grenadines, Mustique is another immaculate choice for guests planning a lavish getaway. This stunning Caribbean island allows you to soak up the unmatched beauty and seclusion surrounding the isle. With nature to enjoy, alongside plenty of vegetation and intriguing wildlife, an escape here has much to offer a range of visitors. 

Mustique is perfect for those in need of a tranquil retreat as it has everything you could wish for from an opulent getaway in the Caribbean. Lavish villas perch along the seafront, providing outstanding coastal vistas. Plus, with a limited number of visitors allowed to stay here at one time, you’re sure to enjoy the serene atmosphere around the island. 

With swimming, snorkelling, sailing, horse riding and more all available on Mustique, there are a plethora of activities to enjoy during your stay. What’s more, the palm-fringed coast and dramatic hills in the backdrop provide an ideal setting to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Caribbean. 

Necker Island, the British Virgin Islands

Located in the British Virgin Archipelago is the beautiful Necker Island. This private haven is perfect for a chance to disconnect and unwind. Guests can stay in exclusive properties here, adding even more luxury to complement the wealthy lifestyle on Necker. 

You can relax on your private beach or explore the impressive island which is home to an abundance of wildlife. Keep an eye out for animals such as flamingos, iguanas and tortoises during your stay, providing an immersive break for all to enjoy.  


Covering only 35 square miles with around 12 miles of beautiful beaches, Anguilla is a strong contender for one of the most luxurious islands to visit. The landscapes here are breathtaking and with just a single main road, visitors can explore with ease.

After you have spent some time lounging on the gorgeous sandy shores, be sure to check out some of the dining options in Anguilla. There are plenty of amazing eateries to try, these blend local flavours and quality products to create a fine dining experience. Whether you’re looking for an authentic barbeque or a pretty spot by the beach, there is something here for all.

There’s still plenty to do in Anguilla after the sun has set too. With authentic entertainment consisting of live music, beach bars and casual dining, you’re sure to find something here for a range of vacation itineraries. What’s more, these chic settings provide the perfect place to round off a lavish stay in Anguilla.

St Lucia

Last but certainly not least is the stunning isle of St Lucia, one of the most luxurious Caribbean resorts. The landscapes here comprise mighty mountains, lush greenery, jaw-dropping beaches and much more, providing you with plenty of natural beauty at every twist and turn. 

St Lucia is also home to an abundance of activities, making it an ideal destination for a plethora of holiday-makers. Be sure to check out mountain biking, ziplining, hiking, swimming and snorkelling when staying here. With so many ways to explore the fascinating scenery, you’re sure to discover adventures for all on this beautiful island. 

You’ll also find lots of history to uncover around St Lucia, great for avid explorers. Plus, after exhausting all of the attractions and activities, there are plenty of luxurious villas to rest in. Perfect for couples, families and friends alike, you will discover something here for everyone! 


We hope that after reading all about the most exclusive Caribbean Islands, you can now plan your next break here with all of these destinations in mind. Whether you’re planning a getaway with the whole family, or are pursuing a romantic trip, there is an island for all. No matter how you choose to spend your time here, these isles are the perfect place to enjoy a little luxury. 

Guests can also appreciate some superb private Caribbean Islands, allowing for a truly extraordinary vacation. The Villa Collection offers an impressive collection of properties to choose from, providing a luxurious place to stay for a range of travellers. Check out the selection of villas to discover your next hideaway in the Caribbean!