The 11 Best Beaches in Mykonos
Jun 30, 2022

The 11 Best Beaches in Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most famous places in Greece for holiday makers and has been attracting tourists since the 1920s with its excellent beaches, stunning nature, idyllic villages and a chic atmosphere. Situated in the Cycladic region of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos offers beautiful hot summers and mild, pleasant winters. 

A wonderful range of pristine beaches makes Mykonos an attractive island for those seeking a relaxing holiday under the sun. If you’re planning a trip here and want more information on the best sandy shores around the island, we’ve put together our top recommendations below. 

Best Beaches on the North Coast

Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach is perfect for those aiming to avoid the bustling areas that some of the other popular beaches have, as many of the busier sands are in southern Mykonos. In contrast, Panormos is nestled away in a quiet cove with its own beach bar and restaurant. 

Panormos is northeast of Mykonos and has crystal clear waters and pale soft sand. If you are looking for a chic, bohemian vibe, you won’t be disappointed, as this little bay offers just that. 

If you visit Mykonos with kids and want to spend the day at the beach, Panormos is an excellent option for the whole family as the sand is great for sunbathing, and the calm waters are perfect for little ones to paddle.

Ftelia Beach

Another northern beach that offers a chic and ‘hippy’ aura is Ftelia. You will find turquoise waters and a lovely sandy shoreline, perfect for lounging in utter tranquillity.

The extensive sandy stretch is unspoilt, as the high winds in the area prevent a lot of tourists from visiting. Instead, the beach attracts windsurfers who make the most of the frequent breezes. 

Ftelia is excellent for those who want to partake in watersport activities or sit at the beach bar that delivers lovely coastal views. Whilst this is a prime spot for surfing, this might not be the best spot for anyone visiting with kids, as the high winds create harsher waves which aren’t ideal for less experienced swimmers.

Fokos Beach

Fokos Beach has a raw landscape and is located in a cove that is hidden away and sees little to no crowds. You can access the beach by car, taxi or motorbike, which takes approximately 20 minutes from Mykonos Town. Follow the signs after turning into the village of Ano Mera and pursue the dirt track to the beach. 

The stretch of rugged coastline is a favourite among horse riders, who enjoy the seclusion that comes with Fokos Beach. Watching the horses gallop by in the shallow water is an incredible sight to see when relaxing on the shore. 

If you’re looking for a spot to sit and watch the tide come in then you will most definitely enjoy this private spot, although due to its rough waters, it is not recommended for those who want to take a dip. 

Agios Sostis Beach

If your idea of a great day in Mykonos is indulging in incredible food whilst lounging on a beautiful beach, you’re in the right place because Agios Sostis has just that!

Known for being a haven for foodies due to the nearby Kikis Tavern that offers a selection of Greek cuisine and seafood, this is an excellent option for those who want to relax after satisfying their taste buds. It is worth noting that Kikis doesn’t take table reservations, so you might have to wait in line. However, according to its raving reviews, it is absolutely worth it! 

Agios is away from the centre of Mykonos, making it a relatively quiet and uncrowded beach. However, with fewer people visiting here, there aren’t any umbrellas for hire, so you will need to bring your own if you want some shade. 

The cove of Agios generally attracts younger couples who want to lounge on the shore and relax under the sun, mainly because the beach can get quite windy, creating strong waves which aren’t ideal for swimming. There isn’t any public transport to Agios Sostis, so you will need to travel to the beach by car or taxi, unless you stay nearby. 

Megali Ammos Beach

Megali Ammos is the closest beach to Mykonos town, around 600 metres away from the centre. The name translates to ‘large sand’, so you won’t be disappointed if you are looking for an extensive stretch of shoreline to lounge on or set up a base for the day with the whole family. 

Situated next to the main road, Megalis Ammos Beach can be pretty noisy with the sounds of the traffic passing by, so if you seek complete quiet, this might not be the right spot for you. 

Many tourists head to Megali Ammos for its excellent snorkelling along the shore as the crystal clear water offers exceptional visibility of many fish and other sea life swimming below.  There is a small tavern a stone’s throw away from the beach, so you can grab a bite to eat whilst taking in the beautiful views of the coastline. 

Best Beaches on the South Coast

Agia Anna Beach (Kalafatis)

There are two Agia Anna beaches. One is to the right of Kalafatis, and the other is between Paraga and Platys Gialos.

Agia Anna by Kalafatis is a lovely beach that is easily accessible via a short walk from the town of Kalafatis. Being outside of Mykonos centre makes this an excellent spot for relaxing with fewer crowds compared to some beaches closer to the main town. 

There are some excellent amenities in the nearby town of Kalafatis and plenty of outstanding seafood restaurants close to the beach. However, you should bring your own towel and umbrella as you can’t rent these from the beach. 

Agia Anna Beach (Paraga)

Agia Anna, Paraga is renowned for its luxurious setting complete with vibrant beach bars that create a fun atmosphere The beach is relatively small but very popular, as it is within walking distance from the other party shore, Paradise Beach. 

You don’t have to worry about lugging supplies to Agia Anna, as there is a mini-market right where the bus drops you off across from the main access to the beach. Sunbeds and parasols are also available to rent from here, which means you can travel light when spending the day on the sand. 

The calm water at this beach makes it great for swimming and a good choice for those visiting with kids, as you don’t have to worry about the rough tides that some of the other beaches in Mykonos have. However, be careful when entering the water, as the rocky shoreline can be a little uncomfortable underfoot. 

Buses from the Fabrika terminal in Mykonos to Agia Anna near Paraga will drop you by the mini-market, only a short walk from the beach. 

Psarou Bay

Psarou Bay is a social hub that attracts many celebrities who visit Mykonos. It is one of the trendiest beaches on the island, which is why it gets so busy in summer. 

Many choose Psarou Bay because of the turquoise water and outstanding scenery. In addition, Nammos, the high-end and well-known beach club, is also situated at Psarou. 

The excellent selection of restaurants surrounding Psarou Bay is also an attraction for many when deciding on this beach. The prices are typically high, but you get what you pay for as the food is exceptional.

Due to its popularity, it can be difficult to park near Psarou Bay, so it is best to get the bus to the nearby Platis Yialos, which is a 10-minute walk away from the beach. 

Agrari Beach

The long sandy stretch of Agrari Beach is a favourite among tourists and locals. Although the shoreline often gets relatively busy, its great size means there is plenty of space for everyone. 

With a reasonably priced restaurant right on the beach, visitors can easily grab something to eat after lounging around in the sun. 

There is no bus to Agrari Beach, but you can access the area by car, which takes around 25-minutes from Mykonos town. Alternatively, if you fancy exploring further, you can get the bus to Elia Beach and walk from there, which takes approximately 5 minutes. 

Super Paradise

Super Paradise sits next door to the renowned Paradise Party Beach and is great for those hoping to spend their entire day hanging out on the beautiful soft sand. 

The golden shore and crystal clear waters are just a couple of the reasons why Super Paradise beach is so famous, making it very crowded in the summer. However, if it gets too busy, you could always pop over to the neighbouring Paradise Beach, where there is plenty more space.

Access to Super Paradise is easy, as you can either get a taxi-boat or bus ride which will drop you near the entrance to this spot.  

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is renowned for its incredible parties that go on all summer long. At just 3.7 miles from the town centre of Mykonos, it’s the ideal spot for those who want to party on the beach after exploring the town itself. 

Access to Paradise Beach is also straightforward, as you can get here by bus, car or water taxi. There are plenty of amenities nearby, with mini-markets, restaurants, bars and shops close to the beach. 

Surrounded by some of the most well-known beach bars and nightclubs, Paradise is a utopia for party lovers. The beach and surrounding area do get pretty noisy in the summer however, so Paradise Beach isn’t the best option for families or those hoping to enjoy quiet whilst on the coast in Mykonos.


Mykonos doesn’t fall short on its offering of beautiful beaches, as there are so many to choose from. You can take your pick from quiet and secluded to vibrant and lively, as there is a beach in Mykonos for everyone. 

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