Unmissable Upscale Ibiza
Aug 23, 2018

Unmissable Upscale Ibiza

Ibiza’s unmissable upscale experiences

Ibiza is a global beach destination, popular around the world for its vast, sandy swathes and buzzy beach clubs. But now there’s a new wave of upscale amenities and attractions to cater for the more discerning visitor too. We like to think of these as Ibiza’s upscale experiences, ranging from Michelin-starred dining to home-grown wine tasting. Read on to discover the most unmissable and exquisite experiences on the island…

Exploring Ibiza Old Town

Ibiza’s vibrant capital actually holds a UNESCO-protected 2,500-year-old centre ripe for exploration. History buffs will love discovering the steep battlements that once protected inhabitants from attack, while the charming 13th-century cathedral right at the top is a joy to behold, and protects countless invaluable works of art. There are also plenty of authentic restaurants and bars, where you’ll be able to enjoy tapas or local seafood dishes.

Ibiza Old Town

Experiencing Cinema Paradiso

Picture the scene: the sun has set but it’s still warm, and Ibiza’s Old Town has come alive with twinkling fairy lights and the thrum of conversation floating through the open windows of bars and restaurants. Nestled against a crumbling portion of the ancient fortress walls, a crowd of people recline on luxurious beanbags while gazing up at a gigantic projector screen, vintage popcorn in hand.  This is Cinema Paradiso , Ibiza’s premier outdoor cinema experience. It’s an exclusive experience, with limited tickets and showings but it’s an amazing attraction and well worth a visit. You can also organise a private screening in the privacy of your Villa!

Wine tasting 

Ibiza is slowly becoming known for its locally-produced wines. There are actually five wineries now on the island, and it would be a shame to miss one of the tasting experiences on offer.  We like Bodegas Can Rich,  one of the island’s leading wineries, and a true award-winner. If you contact them, they’ll happily arrange a tour through some of their most exceptional wines. You can even buy some to bring home for friends and family… or for yourself!

Yacht charter and sunset cruises

There’s nothing quite like seeing Ibiza from the sea. With 130 miles of coastline, this Balearic beauty is best experienced from the water, gliding along on a graceful luxury yacht. There are plenty of different cruises to choose from, whether you want a romantic sunset sail or a self-steered adventure.     Dream Boats Ibiza  have a great selection if you want to plan in advance of your trip.

Ibiza yacht charter the villa collection

Ogling modern designs at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Situated in Ibiza’s Old Town, this unassuming white-washed building holds the island’s most important modern art collection  Spread throughout a handful of carefully-curated gallery rooms, you’ll discover works by Ribas, be able to view rare Japanese prints, and even have the chance to see the ancient underground history of the building complex along with the preservation work involved. View the website here

Michelin-starred dining at Sublimotion

In recent years, Ibiza has carved a name for itself as a gastronomic destination. In fact, today there are 18 restaurants listed in the prestigious Michelin guide. However, there’s one that’s a cut above the rest and a true gourmet experience. Sublimotion  is a concept created by two Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero and is set within a bespoke audio-visual dining capsule for just twelve guests at a time. A team of 25 staff help to ensure that each three-hour ‘show’ runs smoothly – all you have to do is sat back and embark on a gastronomic odyssey. As you might imagine, it isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one then this experience comes highly recommended. Booking well in advance is essential.

Getting glam at the casino

Sometimes it’s nice to dress up and mingle with the island’s notables, and this is a fine place to witness some of the island’s most refined patrons out in their finery. Ibiza Casino is a modern and stylish venue, with a sophisticated bar and more than 100 games on offer. Why not spend a fun evening at the hi-tech slot machines or table games, and finish with some socialising at the acclaimed bar. You never know who you might bump into…


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