When to Go to Mykonos: Your Seasonal Travel Guide
Jul 4, 2023

When to Go to Mykonos: Your Seasonal Travel Guide

Mykonos is one of the beautiful Greek Islands and has been attracting tourists for many years. Its stunning beaches, great weather, interesting sightseeing and excellent party scene make it a favoured destination for many. There is so much to see and do here, it comes as no surprise that so many go here for a lovely getaway. 

Due to the island’s popularity, many tourists often wonder when is the best time to go to Mykonos. Luckily enough, there are plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy here all year round, making it ideal for a range of travellers. 

Whether you’re planning a trip for the whole family, with friends or with your partner, you will find something in Mykonos for everyone. To help you prepare for your next break we have put together everything you need to know about when to visit the island. From the weather, seasons, things to do and more, keep reading to learn more about when to go to Mykonos so you can book your next break today! 

Mykonos Weather by Month 

One of the most important aspects of any holiday is the weather. For many, this can help determine the best time of year to go to Mykonos, depending on what you’re planning to do during your stay. We’ve put together everything you need to know about the climate on the island throughout the different months of the year, this way you can plan your trip here accordingly. 

June to August 

Anytime from June to August is when the temperature in Mykonos is usually at its highest. With highs averaging around 28°C and lows of 20°C, you can expect plenty of sunshine and warm weather during this time. This is perfect for those planning a relaxing summer break or anyone hoping to spend their days lounging on the many beaches around the island. It is important to note that it can get particularly hot during this time, so it’s crucial to pack plenty of sunscreens and spend some time in the shade during the hotter parts of the day. 

September to October

Those who choose to visit the island from September to October can expect high temperatures of around 25°C and lows of 17°C. This creates a comfortable climate for those looking to get out and explore, or perhaps spend some time wandering around the sights and attractions. September is also known for being one of the best months to go to Mykonos due to its pleasant climate and relaxing atmosphere. 

November to March 

If you’re planning to visit Mykonos from November to March you will encounter a cooler climate during this time. High temperatures average around 13°C with lows of approximately 9°C. For those hoping to get out and active, the less oppressive heat provides the perfect climate to do so. However, visitors should also expect more rainfall during this time, which could prevent those from spending time strolling the beaches or sightseeing spots around the island. 

April to May 

April and May are also great months for those seeking when to visit Mykonos. With average highs of 22°C and lows of 13°C, you will find plenty of warm days and sunshine to get out and explore. These months are also wonderful for anyone hoping to spend some time by the sea, or perhaps wander around the many quaint towns and villages scattered around the island. 

The Best Time to Travel to Mykonos by Season

Another thing to consider before booking your trip is the season. This can help determine the best time to visit Mykonos for many tourists as the seasons help determine what is happening on the island during that time. Check out the options below to help make an informed decision for your next break here. 

Low Season

Mykonos in winter is perfect for those seeking a secluded break. Anytime from November to April is known as being the low season on the island. This is when the transport to other nearby islands is limited and many of the bars, restaurants and hotels close for the season. You will also find fewer tourists in Mykonos during this time, great for those looking to sightsee without the crowds. 

Low season is excellent for those seeking some peace whilst visiting Mykonos as you will find that the towns and villages are much quieter. You can spend your days strolling through the quaint streets or uncovering the historical sights around the island. For those looking for a beach holiday, this isn’t the time for you. The water temperatures are much colder in Mykonos in winter – not ideal for taking a dip!

High Season

June through to August is known as the high season on the island and is also Mykonos summer. This is when tourists flock here to enjoy the warm temperatures, days at the beach, excellent food and drink and much more. The streets throughout the towns and villages are much busier during this time and you will need to book accommodation in advance when visiting in this period.

Summer in Mykonos is perfect for those hoping to spend days lounging by the sea, exploring the authentic shops and eateries or taking a boat trip to the other islands. It is important to note that the high season is extremely busy, so isn’t the best time for those pursuing a quiet break away from the crowds. 

Shoulder Seasons 

The shoulder seasons typically consist of May, June, September and early October. This is when the weather remains pleasant and there are far fewer tourists. It provides a great time for those looking to explore Mykonos without the crowds, yet still enjoy plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. 

You can spend your days at the beach, indulging in excellent cuisine or strolling around the many sights and attractions in Mykonos. There are still tourists visiting the island during the shoulder seasons, but you won’t encounter the hustle and bustle that summer brings. 

The Best Time to Visit Mykonos 

Now you know a little more about the weather and different seasons to visit, next we’ll tell you a bit more about when to go to Mykonos depending on how you aim to spend your time here. With so much to see and do around the island, when you visit will determine what you can do during your stay. From partying to days relaxing, sightseeing and more below you’ll find more information for planning your trip to this lovely part of Greece

When to Visit Mykonos to Party

The best time to visit Mykonos for the party season is during summer. From June until mid-September, visitors can find an array of bars and beach clubs welcoming guests. You can enjoy live music by the sea, some excellent DJs or a relaxing cocktail in a lavish bar. However, the island is known for being busiest for its nightlife from late July to August. This is when crowds head here to party and dance their way through the night, creating a vibrant atmosphere for all. 

You will also find that Mykonos Town has a great night scene from May to October, with plenty of bars remaining open throughout the shoulder seasons. The quieter months are great for those seeking a night out on the island without the hustle and bustle that summer brings. 

When to Visit Mykonos to Relax

One of the main draws of Mykonos is the gorgeous beaches here. With plenty of sandy shores and shimmering turquoise waters, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. The best time to go to Mykonos to truly relax and unwind is the shoulder season. May, June and September are great for those hoping to spend some time by the sea, all whilst avoiding the hustle and bustle of summer. Alternatively, you can wander around the many idyllic towns and villages in these months, all whilst relishing in the warm sun and bright blue skies. 

For those seeking hot temperatures when visiting Mykonos, summer is another great time to relax here. Although there tend to be more tourists during this period, you can still discover plenty of hidden gems to hide away and enjoy warm days in the sunshine. 

When to Visit Mykonos for Sightseeing

You can visit Mykonos throughout the year to enjoy the intriguing sightseeing on offer here. Some of the best sights around the island are listed below, this way you won’t miss a thing during your trip! 

  • Panagia Paraportiani
  • Mykonos Windmills 
  • The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos
  • Agios Sostis Church
  • Delos Island
  • Little Venice
  • Panagia Tourliani
  • Chora Castle
  • Gyzi Castle
  • Paleokastro Monastery 
  • Agios Nikolaos Church
  • Agia Eleni Church 
  • Armenistis Lighthouse

When seeking where to go in Mykonos you will find many more sights worth exploring. However, the list should help get you started. Most of the historical attractions on the island are also open throughout the year, so visitors can stay here without having to worry about the different seasons affecting the opening and closing times. 

We recommend spending some time planning your trip to ensure you don’t miss any of the top attractions around the island. This is especially important for those visiting in summer as there are far more tourists and crowds during this time. No matter when you decide to explore the many places to go in Mykonos, you’re sure to find something here to suit a range of holiday itineraries all year round. 

When to Visit Mykonos for Island-Hopping 

Often visitors explore many of the Greek Islands in one trip and with so many incredible places to see, it comes as no surprise why! When planning your holiday in Mykonos, a great way to get out and see more of the country is by partaking in an island-hopping adventure. With popular destinations such as Santorini, Paros and Naxos just a short ferry ride away, visitors are in the perfect location to see these other islands with ease. 

For those planning to visit the other popular island of Santorini, it is best to visit Mykonos between late April and early October. Due to the long tourist season here, you can hop on a ferry throughout these months. Whereas, if you’re planning to scour some of the smaller islands around Mykonos, it is best to plan your trip between mid-May and early October. Many of the ferry routes close for the winter seasons, so it’s important to check this before your holiday to avoid any disappointment!  


It is clear to see that Mykonos has much to offer throughout the year. Whether you’re visiting the island to party, relax, enjoy the weather or experience the sights, there is something for all in this stunning part of Greece. What’s more, its consistent weather and stunning scenery make it a great destination no matter when you choose to visit. We hope that after reading this article you now have all the information to plan your next getaway in beautiful Mykonos! 

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