The Best Places to Stay In Santorini
Jul 29, 2022

The Best Places to Stay In Santorini

Sat atop a rugged cliff edge overlooking the Aegean Sea, Santorini provides a haven for all types of holidaymakers. Its white buildings sit in contrast to the shimmering turquoise ocean in the distance, creating vistas that will leave you amazed at the beauty that lies here. 

Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands on the southern side of Greece. After a volcanic eruption during the 17th century, the island was re-shaped with the caldera breaking away. 

The small island of Santorini is very popular among tourists for its range of activities, pretty villages, turquoise waters, and ideal location for island-hopping. Many visitors come here for a honeymoon or couples getaway, as the island has a romantic atmosphere with its incredible coastal scenery and white-washed buildings.

Not only do you get a stunning location to sit back and relax in Santorini, but its typically Mediterranean climate provides visitors with hot, dry summers and mild winters. This weather is perfect for those who want to spend their days lounging on the many beautiful beaches that are scattered around the island.  

If you plan a trip to Santorini, you are probably looking for the best place to stay on the island. We have put together a list of the top places to visit and included who they are best for, to help make your decision-making process a little easier. 

Best Place to Stay for Honeymoon – Imerovigli

Imerovigli is a small village that sits atop a cliff overlooking the Caldera Islands that is very popular among holidaymakers, especially those on their honeymoon. The upscale and luxurious properties around the village, alongside its incredible coastal views, make it a particularly romantic place to visit. 

The village of Imerovigli sits between Fira and Oia, providing an ideal location for those who want to explore the surrounding towns. It is also positioned on the highest point of the caldera, which is why many go here to enjoy the stunning sunset. 

If you plan on visiting Imerovigli for your honeymoon and want a romantic place to watch the sunset from the island, the best place to do this is at Skaros Rock. Here you will find breathtaking views out to sea and a great position to watch as the sun goes down beyond the horizon.

There are several other romantic things to do in Imerovigli, such as fine dining in the many restaurants around the village, a beautiful boat ride around the island or a wander through the pretty streets.

Best Place to Stay for Views – Oia

When deciding the best place in Santorini to stay, we couldn’t miss the incredibly popular town of Oia off our list! Being a pedestrian town means that Oia is great for those who aim to navigate the streets easily as there is far less traffic here.  

Oia is the perfect place to stay in Santorini for breathtaking views, with the best area for these being Oia Castle. Many locals and tourists go to the castle to watch the sunrise whilst taking in the incredible coastal panoramas.

For those who desire to watch the sunset, Amoudi Bay in Oia is where you want to go. With the white-washed buildings and the blue domes of the town in the background, the sun casts a golden glow over the town as it sets; a must-see when staying here.  

If you would rather spend your days lounging on the beach, then don’t worry, as Oia doesn’t fall short in this area either! Numerous rocky shores provide the perfect place to explore the coast or simply relax and unwind in a peaceful setting.

Best Place to Stay for Nightlife – Fira

Many people believe that Santorini is a sleepy island with little to no nightlife. Whilst there are areas on the island that are certainly quieter than others, a trip to Fira will be able to satisfy the needs of those who want to party through the night! 

Fira is Santorini’s capital and is the biggest and most cosmopolitan city on the island. It is surrounded by stunning natural beauty and comes to life at night. The city has a vibrant nightlife scene with bars, restaurants, and clubs open late for those wanting to enjoy Santorini past nightfall. Popular nightclubs such as Enigma, Koo and Town Club are all located in Fira and become very busy during summer. 

After you have spent your evenings enjoying the lively atmosphere that Fira’s nightlife has to offer, you can spend the day wandering through the city. You will find plenty to do here, with an array of shops, beaches, and galleries that display eye-catching art throughout the streets.  

Best Place to Stay for Beaches – Kamari

Kamari is an attractive and friendly place to stay in Santorini and has a superb pedestrian beachfront, which is why it is such a popular spot among beach lovers. The sandy shore is clean and well organised with deck chairs, umbrellas and lifeguards, making it an excellent option for families who want to enjoy the coast safely. 

The beach at Kamari has black volcanic sand, an open-air cinema, and plenty of cafes that line the promenade, making it ideal for those who want to spend much of their time here on the stunning coastline.

Mesa Vouno Mountain sits behind Kamari Beach, which means that you are in a great location if you seek to explore the area further by hiking up to the ancient archaeological site of Thira. There are several excellent restaurants around Kamari, but if you want to switch things up and enjoy a busier atmosphere, Fira is just a 15-minute bus ride away.

Best Place to Stay for Sunset Views – Firostefani

The village of Firostefani is an excellent option for those who seek the island’s beauty alongside exceptional sunset views. Firostefani is considered a separate settlement, yet is part of Fira’s capital and is approximately 15-20 minutes away from the city.

When visiting Firostefani, you will find incredible vistas of the volcano and quaint narrow streets that weave through the village. If you seek the classic Santorini backdrop, you won’t be disappointed, as there are still plenty of the typical white-washed buildings with blue roofs here. 

Visitors tend to find that Firostefani doesn’t have as much going on as many of the other tourist villages in Santorini, although there are still a few small restaurants and cafes to choose from. Its smaller size and quieter setting lend themselves to being a better option for those seeking a little seclusion whilst visiting the island.

Best Place to Stay for Families – Perissa

Perissa is a small coastal village on Santorini favoured for its excellent beach. The black sandy shores of Perissa are lined with restaurants and cafes, providing everything you need nearby, which is perfect for those travelling with kids.

The village of Perissa is quiet and away from the crowds, excellent for those seeking some serenity whilst on holiday. However, if you find yourself wishing for somewhere with a little more going on, the city of Fira is just a 20-minute bus ride away.

Sunbeds and umbrellas are available from Perissa Beach, which is excellent for those with little ones who require shade. You don’t have to rent these, although the cafe, bar or restaurant they belong to asks you to buy a drink or snack from them. 

Perissa offers a quieter location, another reason why it is a great place to stay for those visiting with larger groups or family. 

Best Place to Stay for Seclusion – Pyrgos

Pyrgos is the former capital of Santorini and is a hidden village in the Mount Profitis Ilias foothills; the perfect place for those who seek privacy when visiting the island. Here you will find vineyards surrounding the area alongside many traditional white buildings. 

Pyrgos provides the perfect place for privacy and is also great for those who want to soak up Santorini’s relaxing atmosphere. Its abundant vineyards allow you to rest in a tranquil environment whilst tasting the many wines and grapes on offer. 

The village of Pyrgos sits on a hill, making it a steep place to visit full of mediaeval alleys, wine bars, galleries and boutique shops. You are also rewarded with incredible coastal views once you have made your way to the village.

For those who aim to spend some time relaxing whilst taking in the incredible coastal views, there are a number of stunning villas in Pyrgos that will put you in the ideal location to unwind in the perfect setting. A great option is Villa Kimi (see image below), which has some of the best vistas on the island alongside romantic, modern decor.

Villa Kimi, Pyrgos Kallistis

Best Place to Stay for a Local Atmosphere – Megalochori

When visiting Santorini, you are probably already aware of the island’s rich culture and history. However, there is no better way to fully immerse yourself in the island’s heritage than staying where the locals are, which on this island is Megalochori. 

This quiet village is perfect for anyone seeking less hustle and bustle when staying in Santorini, with fewer tourists and a peaceful atmosphere. Megalochori also provides an excellent bus link that stops at many of the main sightseeing places on the island, which is great if you want to mix things up and visit the busier spots. 

The pretty village of Megalochori is full of life and friendly residents. Its famous town square is where you will find locals who gather to enjoy the cafes and restaurants whilst playing a game of cards during the balmy evenings.

Megalochori is relatively easy to get to, as it is only 5 miles from Santorini’s main airport, yet still far quieter than other famous places like Fira and Oia. The village also has a central location on the island, which is ideal for those who want to explore the surrounding areas easily.

You can spend your days in Megalochori visiting wineries, tasting local wines, or adventuring out to the busy city of Fira, just 6 miles away. Staying in this village allows for a great mixture of serenity, local living and easy access to other popular attractions on Santorini. 


After reading our top recommendations for where to stay in Santorini, we hope you’re eager to visit this stunning island with the best places in mind. Whether you’re looking to unwind and relax during your stay or would rather explore and get active, there is something for everyone in this beautiful part of Greece. 

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